Harold’s love for music began with his induction into the children’s choir at his church. Music would turn into his passion as he started auditioning for talent shows and special events in his hometown of Greenville, South Carolina.

Throughout middle school, Harold would understand the true meaning of music under the tutelage of music instructors, Ms. Jane Bauer of Greenville, South Carolina, and Ms. Robin Brown of Atlanta, Georgia. Each instructor taught him the fundamentals of music in its entirety. After several weeks of strenuous training, he learned that his ear for music and enhanced vocal ability would take him to the next level of artistry. He challenged himself to produce music and write songs during this stage of his career. With a natural gift for music, he made a change in his life and moved to Atlanta, Georgia in the year 2000.

Atlanta became his proving ground and would test his abilities along side many other gifted musicians. His first big break into the music industry was performing for the MTV TRL Tour with Nelly, Destiny’s Child & 3LW. During a recording session, Bobby Brown noticed Harold in the studio. Mr. Brown stated, “Harold is a true Cerebral Composer, who is just beginning to scratch the surface of his acoustic potential.” After working with Bobby Brown’s Bosstown Records as a solo artist, Harold went on to complete his first single entitled “The Finer Things” as well as tour with New Edition on their World Reunion Tour.

Others soon came to realize that Harold's talents were beyond their expectations, and challenged him to compose music and arrangements. With the addition of Music Scoring, Sound Design and Foley, this would create a lasting impact on how we listen to Sound by HLR. Harold would go on to work on both of Lil Jon’s “Kings of Crunk” and “Crunk Juice”. As a producer and songwriter, he would work among some of the greatest producers and songwriters of our time.

In 2004, Harold started his own music production company, T-DJNN Productions. However, Harold learned a difficult lesson when he found out his work on several major recording artist albums would only result in receiving payment, and not album or marketing credits for his work. Although he did not understand the business side of the industry at the time, he gained knowledge and experience to move forward with the company.

In 2010, Harold met an independent filmmaker who finished his first feature film entitled Wamba. After hearing Harold’s work, he immediately hired him to compose and score the film, as well as produce and write three songs for the soundtrack. In 2011, this international film took 2nd place in Cannes Film Festival’s International Drama category. Soon after, Harold would purchase his first major recording studio in Lilburn, Georgia. T-DJNN Recording Studios would become the beginning of the evolution of Sound by HLR.

Creating numerous commercial themes, and pockets of sound design for television and film brought Sound by HLR to a new plateau. In 2012, Harold was contacted by a representative for Nine Nights productions and  was asked to create several selections for the major motion picture, Dear Eleanor. Out of his submissions, three were selected for the film. Harold eventually expanded his company to Los Angeles, California and continues to place his musical compositions in multiple platforms of media. With his most recent major placements in the iconic Mortal Kombat 11 brand.


Musical SelectionsWritten &Composed by Harold L.Rosemond

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